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Media Release : 28th May 2019


It has been brought to the Court’s attention that many members of the public are currently receiving calls asking to provide their identification card numbers and informing them that they are to attend court to pay summons, collect summons or to deal with other court related matters.

The Court would like to inform that the calls made are false and advises members of the public to take the necessary precautionary measures.

The Court would like to advise members of the public that should they receive these calls:

1. Not to divulge any personal information requested by the caller; and 

2. To call the Court on the numbers below immediately to verify the legitimacy of the calls.

Please be aware that if the Court needs to contact any member of the public, the Court will only do so during office hours and will call using the official telephone numbers. Should you have further inquiries or would like to report such calls, you may either contact the Police at 993 or at the Court’s official telephone numbers below during office hours: 

Supreme Court, Bandar Seri Begawan – 2243939 to 46

Subordinate Courts, Bandar Seri Begawan - 2232979/80/81/84/85 

Subordinate Courts, Tutong – 4221836, 4221304, 4220675 

Subordinate Courts, Kuala Belait – 3331585, 3336145, 3330385 

Subordinate Courts, Temburong – 5221019 

Supreme Court of Brunei Darussalam 

28 May 2019

Created at 28/05/2019 12:41 PM by Mohamad Jazmi bin Hj Mohamad Kamel
Last modified at 28/05/2019 12:53 PM by Mohamad Jazmi bin Hj Mohamad Kamel